For some newly established businesses looking for office space and learning about popular office models in Vietnam today. Surely you will be confused and do not understand the basic concepts like what is an office? What types of offices are popular today in Vietnam?

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What is the office?

An office is a place where employees can work, usually in a building or individually within a corporation. Office is created for use by individuals, organizations, corporations, businesses related to the office. At the workplace, the office will be fully equipped with desks, papers, books, computers, etc. to serve the company.

Everyone will work together in an office, whether that office is in a building, building or the headquarters of a company. The office is the place where the departments, executive apparatus, and organizational structure of the company are located.

The office plays a particularly important role in the development of a business. Today, the office is no longer just a place for employees to work. It is where the style and direction of the business is determined. That’s why most of the businesses now pay great attention to and invest in building the most professional and modern office possible.

In Vietnam, with the number of businesses increasing day by day, different types of offices have also become a topic of interest to many units. Some types of offices can be mentioned below.

Types of offices for businesses in Vietnam:

The pace of urbanization is growing, the types of offices today are also changing day by day and have more diverse features.

In Vietnam, with the number of businesses increasing day by day, different types of offices have also become a topic of interest to many units. If you are looking for the type of office for your business, you can refer to some popular office types in Vietnam. 

  • Traditional office type

This is the most common and oldest type of office used by many companies to have a decent office, build a stable long-term workplace. The feature that makes a traditional office different from other types of office is that the business owns the entire space without having to share it with any other business. Thanks to that, the company can decide on its own design and layout style without having to look at anyone’s face. Company employees also have a private working space, high security of corporate information.

However, the cost of office rental is quite high compared to startups, so usually this model is only for large enterprises with stable financial resources, while for young businesses, they will look to other types of businesses. office image below.

  • Types of modern offices

In the era of technology development, businesses are now looking to design trends and choose modern office types more and more. The characteristics of these modern office types are flexible spaces and many utilities. Join Thien Nam Building to list the most popular types of modern offices today.

2.1 Virtual office

Virtual office, also known as Virtual Office, is a form of office that provides business address services without the need for an actual area.

Often employees will work from home, possibly even in another city. This new type of service helps you save time, costs, and manpower in setting up a representative office, branch or business location.

2.2 Shared office

Coworking Space is a group of employees from different companies working together in the same office for the purpose of reducing costs while still having a fully equipped workplace. You can rent a seat or multiple seats or flexible seats by day, by hour… depending on the needs of your company.

2.3 Smart Office (Smart Office)

Unlike the traditional office, there are many limitations. The type of smart office is highly appreciated for its features and ability to support businesses in their work. The smart office has been around for a long time. However, until cloud technology and machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) develop, this type of office is increasingly being applied strongly.