Step 1: Choose the right place

Customers choose the office location according to their needs listed on the website.

step 2: Contact information & connections

Customers leave contact information; Thien Nam Building experts will connect and advise on products/services that customers choose.

Step 3: Quotation and service consultation

  • Experts at Thien Nam Building will provide full information on utilities, costs, rental prices… timely to customers, no later than 2 hours (at working hours) after receiving information provided by customers.
  • The quotation can be by Phone, Fax, Mail, applications (Chat box, Viber, Zalo, Messenger). Factors that do not meet the requirements of the customer are also clearly listed in the quotation.

Step 4: Sign the contract

The customer agrees to the conditions in the quotation, the two parties will carry out the procedures to sign the contract.

Step 5: After-sales support

In case of questions or needing support after the transaction, please contact Thien Nam Building with the following information: