How much office space do you need to rent? How much space should be allocated for each employee? Approximately how much space is required to store device records?

Are you having a headache when choosing to rent an office but do not know how much area will be reasonable? The following article will be the key to help you find an office that meets your requirements. Thien Nam Building would like to suggest a few design standards for office space so that you can more easily choose, arrange and arrange space!

What is the standard size of the office?

Office work often entails a lot of physical activities as well as different mental activities, so how to arrange the area and space appropriately plays an important role and often the main activities are Most of the essentials of any office take place at the desk.

Moreover, in addition to the dimensions of the workspace and furniture as well as other features also need to be considered in the process of planning the design, reorganizing or moving the office. Some issues that you need to pay attention to such as:

  1. Does the industry require quietness and sound standards?
  2. How many leaders and employees are there?
  3. Does the office need each compartment or should I choose an open space?
  4. Does the workspace need to be private?
  5. Do employees need to personalize their space?
  6. Does the workspace need to facilitate communication with employees?
  7. So how much work space do we need?
It can be said that depending on the purpose as well as the layout and function of office space or the characteristics of work and culture, each company has a different number of office areas. And some aspects that you need to keep in mind when deciding on an area such as:
Criteria for choosing an area based on the nature of work
If there are not many jobs in the office, a small office is more suitable. However, for office workers who spend all their time working at the desk, the space is too small to create a sense of oppression and discomfort. Especially for professions with frequent meetings and heavy use of documents, If you do a lot of research… then you need to be allocated more spacious and comfortable space

Cultural aspects

Depending on each culture, there are standards for space and area as well as personalization of separate workspaces. For example, for foreign businesses, the personalization of the desk is higher, so the working space requires more space and privacy.

Office calculation

The allocation of workspace for rented offices is quite complicated and needs flexibility instead of following a standard. You should clearly identify the actual needs and make a clear plan or analysis to ensure that you can build the most reasonable office space and layout.

Standard office area (m2/person)

Usually, each location often has different office area criteria, such as the following:

For leaders: The usual area is 10 m² 25 m² and is normally allocated to a private room.

Employees with fixed positionsbold,   known as types of employees working at desks, the maximum area standard for them is 4.5 m²

Employees with flexible positionsbold,   only work at their desks about 40% of the time during office hours, the standard office space is up to 3.0 m².

Employees do not need a fixed seat: The nature of the job does not require sitting in the office, so the maximum office area is 1.5 m²/person.

Here are a few suggestions for choosing an office space for your business. Please contact Thien Nam Building immediately ☎ 𝟎𝟗𝟕𝟒 𝟑𝟕 𝟓𝟒 𝟖𝟔 for more information, please