Office space plays a very important role for the success of a business. If you have to work in a dark, boring and cramped space, it will be difficult to be highly productive. That is the reason why office decoration is so focused by many large companies. Redecorating the office to look aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and creative is opening up great opportunities for your business.

Working space plays a very important role for the overall development of a company, especially this is a vital factor for companies operating in the creative, technology or education sectors. Surely you will work tirelessly if you work in a space filled with inspiration, right? Therefore, in order to promote the operation, leading companies like Google or Facebook often focus on office interior design.

At the same time, this is also considered as an indispensable strategy for companies to attract talent to their side. Facebook is one of the most rated places to work. Because simply, if you have a proper workspace, your work will always be promoted and go further.

Moreover, you also need to pay attention to the decoration of relaxing corners in the office – a place that gives you moments of relaxation and energy that has been lost during work. Decorating an office is not an easy job, it needs you to be meticulous, meticulous and work hard to be effective. This article will tell you 15 simple but super beautiful ways to decorate your office.

1. Elements to help you decorate your office more beautiful

Use striking colors to stimulate creativity

An office that uses striking colors will help the space become more impressive. Creative companies often use striking colors to stimulate dynamism and creativity for the collective.

However, you also need to pay attention to the coordination of tones when combining because they need to have a certain harmony to avoid feeling too much energy leading to stress.

Therefore, in the design slightly contrasting tones will work to create the perfect balance as well as help you focus on the same colors and the interesting visual sensations they create.

Green: Pay close attention and you will see that green often appears in symbols of healing. Many studies have shown that the color of green plants has a very positive impact on human vision and creativity. In addition, the color blue also helps you always keep a stable psychological state, calm working. Nếu bạn tính chất công việc của bạn đòi hỏi phải làm việc liên tục nhiều giờ liền thì màu xanh sẽ là trợ thủ đắc lực cho điều này.

Blue is the color that helps to increase the best labor performance. Therefore, choose blue to paint the whole office or be the main color of tables and chairs, office furniture or the background color for other color blocks in the office.

Yellow: Meanwhile, calming yellow is considered by psychologists to be the color of optimism, energy, and freshness. Yellow is said to stimulate innovation. Offices decorated with yellow are the most inspiring workplaces for designers, writers, or creative departments. Yellow stimulates creativity, in the workspace of designers or creative workgroups need to use yellow decoration to stimulate their imagination.

Red: If your job requires you to be physically active, then Red is your color. Red has been shown to increase heart rate, blood flow, and stimulate emotions and passion.

Always full of light

Lighting is one of the important factors that increase labor productivity by 10% and work accuracy by 30%. According to a scientific study from Michigan State University, exposure to low-light environments reduces a substance called neurotrophic in the brain, a substance that functions in the brain. This is the cause of reduced ability to work, study and brain activity of office workers.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the lighting in the office to bring the best results. It is best to open the windows of the office so that natural light can enter inside, otherwise you should turn on the lights so that the office is always full of light when working.

Minimize unnecessary furniture.

A clean space always makes us feel comfortable and focus more effectively. For all workplaces, this is a very important factor affecting the performance of a team. You can hardly spend your thoughts to solve the work, when in front of you is a bunch of “dirty” objects, papers, etc. Scattered everywhere in the office.

Therefore, try to keep your desk tidy. If you don’t need a file cabinet or bookshelf, omit them. You can replace these storage items with a cloud computing system.

Towards minimalism

Minimalism has little to do with art, but creates design principles that go back centuries. “Less is more” is the guiding principle of the well-known minimalist style.

Minimalist office design will use as few decorative details as possible, original space and new materials are preferred, do not use too much furniture with details. cumbersome details and colors, just some necessary furniture to create a large and airy space. Currently, designers often like to use iron legs in their office interior design.

Flexibility in the interior

When entering a house in Japan, you will hardly feel cramped or cramped. Each space ensures flexibility in use. A room can be used with many functions. That is also the reason why the Japanese have minimized their furniture and rarely choose sophisticated furniture but still create an impressive beauty for the space thanks to the spaciousness and ventilation.

The open working environment helps employees in the company to sit and work flexibly. Many companies even allow their employees to sit anywhere.

Bringing greenery into the workplace

When you have to work continuously with the computer with intense concentration, it will make you feel very stressed and tired. If you spend about 5 minutes looking at green, it will help you relieve some. Offices are now tending to create natural green areas in their offices, in order to help employees feel comfortable and relax mentally.

Citation: “Research has been carried out over many years by Dr. Chris Knight from the University of Exeter, UK, and other psychologists. According to their conclusions, office workers are approximately more productive at work. 15% when working in areas where trees are planted.”

Trees also have the ability to purify the office and bring a fresher atmosphere to the office. Some green plants can also create gentle scents that are good for the spirit of work. The green color of the tree is also used to decorate the office interior a lot. If you are aiming for a lively workspace, then green plants will be an option that you should not ignore.

Plant fresh flowers in the office

In case you don’t like greenery or your office doesn’t suit it, fresh flowers will be a suitable choice. The color of the petals will help your workspace become more lively and fresh and it also has the same effect as the green plant in air conditioning the room very well.

If you want your office to be more inspired to work, you can create many types of flower pots instead of buying them at bonsai stores. This will make your flower pot look more special and not boring.

Art display in the office

Using artwork in the workplace is an interesting idea. Displaying artwork around the office can help employees regulate their moods and emotions very well. For those who work in the creative and artistic fields, this will be an inspiration for you to exploit whenever you have an idea.

Why don’t you try to put a piece of art you love in your office? They will definitely make your room stand out. However, consider the suitability for the field your company is working in.

Hang beautiful photos around the workplace

Affirming your own worth is one of the very everyday needs of anyone. Therefore, give yourself permission to express yourself in the office by hanging a few pictures that you take while hanging out. It could be a selfie, a graduation photo, or it could be a photo with a celebrity. All of these things will help you get more motivated in life. However, you should also be a little mindful that “what is in moderation” is better. Do not hang too much because it will show that the table is an individual rather than a collective.

Those photos can also be family, friends, loved ones. No one will feel uncomfortable when you introduce your loved one to them, on the contrary, this also helps the office have more cozy atmosphere of a close family.

Basically, an ideal office will have all of the following factors: sufficient area, reasonable natural light, color elements that stimulate the eye and finally the arrangement of furniture. These factors often appear in professional offices, but now it is not too difficult for you to do. Whether you own a large or small office, grasp the above important factors to create an effective office.