The office space factor has a direct impact on employee productivity. Therefore, today, businesses are paying more and more attention to building office space that both create a business mark and contribute to building a comfortable space for employees to be creative and increase work efficiency. .

The factors that directly affect the office space include: light, color, green trees… Let’s explore the elements of office space with Thien Nam Building through the article below.


Natural light is one of the leading factors that directly affect work performance. The first thing when building an office you need to determine the level of natural light in your office space.

An office with enough natural light will make employees feel happy, reduce depression and insecurity in the mind. In addition, the use of natural light also helps to reduce the negative impacts on employees’ health.

When choosing an office, you should pay attention to the design of the office layout with many windows, this will easily receive natural light. If you have difficulty catching light, choose to use LED bulbs. The blue dyed LED bulbs easily improve work productivity.


In an office environment, each employee is surrounded by countless noises such as phone ringing, conversation, office equipment operating, noise from the outside environment… One study found that employees can be up to 66% less productive when they hear a nearby conversation.

When exposed to excessive noise, the human nervous system will be stimulated to increase blood pressure and will release stress hormones. Therefore, the more employees try to work in an environment surrounded by noise, the more tired they will feel and reduce work performance.

When designing office space, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of closed spaces or you can use partitions to help employees avoid being distracted by noise from outside. In addition, the use of soundproofing or sound-absorbing materials also helps to reduce noise emissions in the office space.


Many studies have shown that the air quality in the working environment greatly affects the health and state of people during work. Air quality is an important factor affecting both health and productivity, so it needs to be focused on ensuring human resources for businesses.

Currently, businesses often use the solution to improve the air quality in the office is to use an air purifier. Currently, businesses often use the solution to improve the air quality in the office is to use an air purifier.

Regular cleaning of ventilation, ventilation, air conditioning systems, ceiling fans to prevent the long-term accumulation of dirt is also a solution that businesses need to focus on to ensure ventilation.


In fact, the ideal office temperature depends on how employees feel in the office space itself. Everyone’s body is different, 22 degrees Celsius can be too cold for some or too hot for others.

It is difficult to come up with a standard temperature used in the office without testing it in practice. In each office, employees need to make appropriate adjustments to satisfy the majority of employees working in the office space.

COLOR Element

Many studies have shown that different colors can directly affect work productivity, moreover, have the ability to affect the psychology of employees.

Some meanings of Office colors such as:

Red: enthusiasm, often arranged by businesses to increase competition between departments to improve labor productivity.

Blue: Thinking effect, helping employees relax and reduce stress

Green: helps employees reduce eye strain and improve work efficiency.

Yellow: Confidence impact

Green: balance impact

Black: A highlight for the office

White: Increase employee harmony


Music played at low to mid-range volume can have a positive effect on work productivity. In addition, the music requested by employees often has a strong impact on better work performance.

Songs with clear lyrics often distract employees more than soft, wordless music, which is an issue to consider when choosing to play music appropriately in the office space.


There are many possible reasons why plants are so important in an office environment: the positive effects of photosynthesis, natural landscapes that help people become relaxed and focused. into a better job.

Changing each element in the work environment can boost employee productivity. A good space will make employees more satisfied at work, which is a benefit that they deserve when they come to work, ready to stick with the business for a long time.

Above is information about factors affecting office space, health and working performance of employees. Hopefully, the content shared in the article will be useful for your needs in completing the office space.

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