The choice of office sofa table is very important, because this is the place to receive the important guests of the company. How to choose a sofa that both shows the position of the company and is suitable for the space of the office is something that makes many people wonder. Let's join Thien Nam Building to learn some notes to make a better choice.

The choice of office sofa table is very important, showing the face of the company

Sofa size suitable for office area

Office space is also an important factor for you to choose the most suitable sofa set. For offices with not too large an area, you should consider medium-sized sofa sets, to bring a balanced space, while ensuring ventilation for the office, creating comfort for users…

Office space is also an important factor for you to choose the most suitable sofa set

If the office area is quite large, you should choose to buy office sofa sets with full tables, chairs and pedestals, along with decorative equipment, they help fill the gap, creating a cozy feeling. and complete for your office.

Sofa design for office

Regarding the design of the office sofa table, depending on the style of the space according to the classic or modern trend to choose accordingly. Most of today’s offices are smartly decorated (except for some interior or design offices that want to break with classic features), so you can choose office sofas with popular designs such as: : sofa sofa, corner sofa or simply single sofas put together into a set.

The style of the sofa depends on the style of the office

Choose the color of the office sofa table

With any type of office furniture, when choosing, you need to consider using colors to create harmony for the whole office. The office sofa also needs to be harmoniously combined with other furniture and with the design layout of that office. Both bring beauty and match with feng shui elements.

You should also avoid sofas that are too large and detailed

When buying an office sofa table, you should pay attention to the paint color, the color of the floor, along with the color of many other furniture in your office. If your business wants to bring elegance and elegance to your office, and at the same time show the class of the working person, the black sofa is the right choice.

You should also avoid sofas that are too large and detailed, because they are only suitable for your family’s living room sofa, not in a space that needs to be organized and professional like a corporate office.

Materials suitable for the office

Outer cover of leather sofa, you can choose genuine leather sofa or industrial leather sofa. Genuine leather sofa has the advantage of natural color, soft, glossy, the longer it is used, the more beautiful it is, but the price is quite high. In contrast, industrial leather is cheap, has a variety of colors and patterns, but is less durable. Depending on the importance of the office, we choose a high-quality leather sofa set accordingly. With the interior of the director’s room, investing in a real leather sofa is a smart choice to raise the level of the unit. For a normal office, a waiting room, choosing high-quality felt sofas is an appropriate choice.

Widely used natural wooden frames or stainless steel leg frames

For the skeleton material of high-grade felt sofas, it is recommended to choose frames with high durability and beautiful aesthetics. Types of frames made of natural wood or stainless steel legs are widely used. If the leather sofa uses a stainless steel frame with high legs, it will easily show the dynamism and youthfulness of the living room.

The foam cushion of high-quality leather sofa should choose high-quality mattress with imported foam to make the sofa always smooth, durable and safe for users.

A reputable office sofa supplier

Office sofa is a high-class office furniture device, so to choose a set of good quality and durable furniture, you should choose products of leading reputable furniture companies. The office sofa products of these brands will bring you distinct satisfaction.

You should choose products of leading reputable furniture companies

Thien Nam Building hopes that the information shared above is useful for your needs. It is not difficult to choose a suitable, beautiful and impressive high-class sofa. Don’t skip the above mentioned steps when choosing any sofa model for your beautiful office!

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