Renting a warehouse provides a solution to help businesses save space, time and costs, but to choose the right warehouse, what issues do businesses need to pay attention to? Let's find out with Thien Nam Building according to the article information below.

To choose a suitable warehouse rental location to meet the needs of your business, you need to understand the following important criteria:

1 Is the traffic convenient?

Traffic is the most important criterion when businesses choose a warehouse to store and preserve goods. You need to pay attention to the location of the warehouse, whether cars, container trucks can enter, whether there is a 2-way route, whether parking is prohibited or not, etc. to ensure the distribution of goods from the company to the agents. , distributors are most convenient and fast.

2 Is the warehouse located in a flooded area?

Warehouses must always ensure that the floor is high, dry, and not flooded to avoid damage to goods in the warehouse. The warehouse floor must not have cracks or breaks to avoid being a place to accumulate dust and shelter for insects and vermin.

3. Brand identity of the supplier’s warehouse?

The supplier’s warehouse will have the company’s representative logo, which contributes to optimizing the cost of renting a warehouse because it does not have to go through an intermediary.

4. Does the warehouse have enough safety conditions?

Currently, the basic requirements of enterprises on conditions to ensure the safety of warehouses include:

– Surveillance camera system covering the warehouse system

– Security guards monitor 24/24

– Equipped with a lock and solid door system

– Fully equipped with fire extinguishers, fully meeting the standards of fire safety and emergency exits

5. Are the warehouse ceilings, lighting and temperature systems guaranteed?

The ceiling, walls and roof of the warehouse must be designed and built to ensure ventilation and air circulation. The task of the warehouse is to store and preserve goods, so it is usually required to avoid direct sunlight but still have to ensure a light source to ensure inventory, arrangement and preservation of goods.

6. What is the area and rental price?

Currently, businesses have many choices in how to calculate warehouse rental costs: rent by m2, rent by contract, rent by ton, … Therefore, depending on the quantity and characteristics of each type of goods, businesses You can choose a suitable rental area.

The rental price will depend on the area, warehouse condition, fire prevention and fighting facilities, environment, supporting vehicles, etc.

Warehouses play an important role in the preservation and distribution of goods, so choosing a warehouse that meets the above criteria will support businesses more comprehensively in the production and sales process. With a central location in District 10 with the arterial roads of the city such as 3/2, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Ly Thai To, etc., Thien Nam General Warehouse will bring you the best advantages of transporting goods with affordable cost. Please contact Thien Nam Building – Hotline: 0974 37 54 86 for further advice!

Thien Nam Building hopes the above sharing will be useful for your needs and don’t forget to contact Thien Nam Building for more information about the General Warehouse!